Under Disruption…

11 Dec

I have started four or five blog posts over the past couple of weeks but not been able to complete a single one. As the countdown widget at the bottom of this page has decided that February 1st is only ONE MONTH from now, I have wholeheartedly gone into panic mode.

Dissertation status: I’ve written about a third of the text, but have a fairly good idea about what to write in the remaining two thirds, and I also had a fruitful meeting with my supervisor in Copenhagen on Friday. Additionally, my mum is here until Saturday to mind the child while I camp out in the library before the Christmas holidays, and I had a great work day today. Smiles all around!

What I meant to write about but didn’t:

  • Copenhagen
  • Sleep (disruption)
  • Motherhood literature

I was also going to make a proposal. Some of this I will return to, the other stuff you will unfortunately never know my take on. Alas, such is life.


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