Downton Rant

29 Dec

Now that most of those who care have seen the Downton Abbey Christmas Special and the rest have likely had it spoiled by media – I will allow myself a little rant. If you’re one of the “I’m-gonna-switch-of-my-TV-and-laptop-and-have-an-old-fashioned-holiday” people and don’t know what happens but still cares, don’t read this!

I must rant because a Christmas Special without a Christmassy backdrop is one thing, but a Downton Abbey without Matthew Crawley? Bah!

I am afraid DA might be heading toward that slippery slope of any long-lasting TV-show with an original and stunning series one and two, that goes through slightly halting series three and four where the audience nonetheless still has hope and keeps watching out of loyalty, through struggling series five and six where most of the original cast is gone, then spluttering to a halt with a sentimental soap-like series seven where Mary and Tom’s first born marries Anna and Mr. Bates’ eldest and they turn Downton into a successful manufacturer of colour-TV’s, or something.

Fine, I hear and understand that actors must be allowed to make their own choices in life and that estranging Mary and Matthew would not be an option and bladibla, all I want to say is maybe this would have been a perfect opportunity to quit while you’re ahead.

Imagine a fantastic Christmas Special in a snow-clad Abbey with just enough drama but no horrible deaths, ending with the lord of Grantham announcing his appreciation for wife and family upon realising that Matthew was right all along after seeing his friends suffer bankruptcy left, right and centre, Anna stroking a still-flat belly and smiling mysteriously while glancing over at Mr. Bates, Thomas and Jimmy snogging behind a velvet curtain, and finally that heart-wrenching hospital scene, this time on Christmas morning, where Mary (looking so calm and happy she must have had a double dose of epidural during the delivery) gets her well-earned kiss, and then the end – forever.

Sentimental yes, and definitely a cliche, but with the possibility of making DA the Christmas classic of the new century that people would watch again and again, because at Christmas we love these things! Not this rotten killing-off of everybody’s favourite in a lousy, meaningless car crash at the very hight of his happiness. That’s another kind of cliche. A stupid one. Rant over.

Downton Abbey in the snow

This is what I want for Christmas! Picture from


One Response to “Downton Rant”

  1. Ida December 29, 2012 at 9:27 pm #

    Meget godt og treffsikkert oppsummert, Charlotte. Jeg kunne ikke sagt det bedre selv. Å drepe både Sybil og Matthew i samme sesong er hinsides galskap, og jeg frykter at det kan bli et banesår for hele serien. Jadda.. det var gøy så lenge det varte! (Skal selvfølgelig se sesong 4, men de store forventningene og forhåpningene uteblir).

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