A Connected Christmas

31 Dec

I read a lot about social media. I also spend a lot of time on it, and I discuss it with people around me. Recently, I went to lunch with my husband and two friends (one who is not even on FB) and was surprised to discover that they were very protective of their online identity, proudly announcing that they were ungoogleable. Similarly, a friend was just added on FB by someone with such a limited profile she couldn’t even work out where she lived. Contrastingly, an old friend I was virtually reacquainted with recently shares so much and so intimately I sometimes feel like we’ve spent a few hours chatting over a bottle of wine after reading her blog. I think social media is great because I never liked chatting on the phone and I prefer doing business in writing. I will also admit that I thoroughly enjoy keeping up with friends and family without it necessarily being through direct contact.

This Christmas my FB news feed has exploded with pictures of beautifully decorated trees and toddlers in holiday bliss, my own included, which is probably annoying for many. In fact, I have a FB friend who has been known to complain about new parents’ over-sharing, particularly about nappy contents, and has lately decided to get back at them by posting pics of her cats’ litter box complete with feces. Nevertheless, I relate and thus enjoy (idyllic Christmas posts, that is. I too draw the line at poo, human and animal.)

In online media, the Christmas holidays is also a time for reviewing the year that is nearing its end. The FB timeline is great for this purpose, especially if you are like me and tend to share mostly good stuff. Scrolling back through 2012, I find remarkably little about my stressful and rather lonely spring semester as a distance student. Rather, I relive a fantastic trip to Rome with my bestest friends in March, family and friends visits to Prague and an unbelievably successful end to the semester in Copenhagen that started with an oral exam and ended with birthday celebrations.

I remember a looooong, isolated summer in Norway with very little money and a very hard-working husband. Nevertheless I was able to squeeze in a trip to Læsø, two fairytale weddings and a couple of trips to Ireland. Not to mention several happy days and merry nights spent with aforementioned bestest friends and family. This autumn’s thesis hardship and preschool adjustment drama all but fade, and into focus comes Matilda’s second and Steve’s thirtieth birthday parties and the highlight of 2012 – an intimate, literary gathering in the library of one of my favourite author’s, Gert Nygårdshaug.

Tantrums, viruses and bugs, stress and despair, shouting and crying, and the fact that I haven’t slept past 8 am the whole year (which aren’t apparent on FB), are but distant memories. On FB I only see how my darling Matilda has grown into a proper little girl this year. I see the three of us at playgrounds and restaurants and lounging at home and realise how lucky we are to be able to spend so much time together.

Granted, my FB profile might not give an accurate account of me and my life in 2012, but it is definitely gives me high hopes for 2013. I therefore wish you many likes in the new year!

Lambrusco Lunch with the sisters and the Ida's in Oslo. Cheers!

Lambrusco Lunch with the sisters and the Ida’s in Oslo. Cheers!


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