Status update

16 Feb

It’s been over two weeks, but despite surprising amounts of motivation in the final week of writing and a euphoric couple of days after, I have been unable to think about *it* since. I have hardly been able read anything, nevermind write a single word!

So what have I been up to?

  • Go to London to frollick with Ida, Sprock, mum and dad –
    click here for more info
  • Drink a pint or two of Czech premium beer, in a pub –
    First stop! Safe to say the count is quite a bit higher now
  • Go to the park with Matilda and bring a picnic
    On today’s agenda
  • Order chicken wings AND ribs at Olympia –
    Just ribs, but only because I was having KFC for dinner that night
  • Watch the complete Gilmore Girls series
    on episode 7 of season 1
  • Read all the books I got for Christmas – x
  • Play Guitar Hero till 4 in the morning – x
    but I have watched a lot of films
  • Write three blog posts in one week – hah!
  • Have a lie-in and breakfast in bed
    Lie in, yes, breakfast in bed, Steve?
  • Go paperless with Evernote – haha!
  • Organise my iPhoto library – hahaha!
  • Organise my iPhone apps –
    did that before I finished (procrastination station)
  • Fill in Matildas baby book – mohahaha!
  • Clean the apartment
    one room at a time, will be done by Easter, possibly…
  • Get a drivers-licence – eh...
  • Move to Norway – ehm…
  • Get a job – ehem...
Sprock 24, *it*, Westminster Abbey, Ida and tapas, my first homemade costume

Sprock 24, *it*, Westminster Abbey, Ida and tapas, my first homemade costume

Other than that, just trying to figure out what to do with myself now that I am not a student any more. Oh yeah, and I changed the background colour of this here blog!


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