e-books and p-books, apps and p-apps

18 Feb

A couple of years ago, I surprised many by announcing my fascination for e-books. Since I got my Kindle I have even been known to choose it over p-books I already own, like the beautiful, unopened, cloth-bound copy of Little Women that stared reproachfully at me from my bookshelf while I was in bed with my leather-bound e-reader…

The truth is that I love conveniency and I relish multifunctional objects and I am absolutely dependent on technology, so my happiness was complete when I recently appropriated my first iPhone (the first smart phone to live up to my (read: Steve’s) high  gadget standards). Before that, I was lugging my laptop, iPod, Kindle and stupid-phone with me every time I went to the library. Hardly convenient.

My next project is to go completely paperless and get rid of all documents and stuff that it’s not strictly necessary to have a hard copy of. But, when I got my belated Christmas present from my little sister in London last week, I must admit that I experienced a thrill that downloading new apps seldom results in. I even booked an extra bag to be able to bring the 16, yes, 16 items back to Prague.

I thus present my new p-apps:

Live Learn Love

Live Learn Love

Rate it or Hate it

Rate it or Hate it

School of Life

School of Life

Happy Travels!

Happy Travels!

Travel journals are from teNeues, five-year journals are from Potter Style and the rest is from Knock Knock.

FYI: I think it’s a sin to throw away books, and I never-ever will commit that sin. In fact, I still have two massive hardback books that was given to a friend by Jehovas witnesses and that she wanted to throw out. I took pity on the poor things and will forever keep them in a box in my attic…


One Response to “e-books and p-books, apps and p-apps”

  1. Eva Louise Buus jensen February 18, 2013 at 11:15 am #

    Cooool 🙂 du har en snill søster as

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