The Be All and End All…

20 Jan

…as I now embark on the last ten days of writing this thesis is MOTIVATION.

I have therefore made a list of all the things I’m gonna do when I am done:

  • Go to London to frollick with Ida, Sprock, mum and dad
  • Drink a pint or two of Czech premium beer, in a pub
  • Go to the park with Matilda and bring a picnic
  • Order chicken wings AND ribs at Olympia
  • Watch the complete Gilmore Girls series
  • Read all the books I got for Christmas
  • Play Guitar Hero till 4 in the morning
  • Write three blog posts in one week
  • Have a lie-in and breakfast in bed
  • Go paperless with Evernote
  • Organise my iPhoto library
  • Organise my iPhone apps
  • Fill in Matildas baby book
  • Clean the apartment
  • Get a drivers-licence
  • Move to Norway
  • Get a job

Also, these snacks that Steve found in Tesco keep me motivated!


Three Wise LLamas Bearing Gifts of Nutrition and MotivationImageOne Mammal’s Mission to Rid the World of Boring SnacksImage

No Llamas Were Harmed in the Making of These Snacks


3 Responses to “The Be All and End All…”

  1. Rhys January 20, 2013 at 9:11 pm #

    Love the Llama’s, gonna have to get me some of those. Keep going Char! It’s not long now, you can see the finish line.


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